Lubbock, TX USA | October 8, 9, & 10, 2021

The mission of the Outside In Festival is to showcase devised works through the fostering and presentation of both national and international artists. We serve as a bridge between these artists and audiences outside of the established artistic centers in order to expose more communities to non-traditional avenues of artistic expression.



The objective of the Outside In Festival is to encourage and foster cultural exchange between the South Plains and artists from around the country, and the world. The festival utilizes shipping containers each housing a different performance created by a wide array of talented artists and performers.

Our objective is to bring different styles of theatrical conventions to the South Plains, establishing our festival as a premier national platform for devised theatre, bringing new audiences to the Lubbock area.


See below for more information on SOME of our artists for the 2021 Inaugural Festival!

We have a great lineup of artists interested in being a part of this festival! Our goal is to bring as many as we can to Lubbock to showcase their amazing talents, but we need your help to do that. Below is just a small taste of the potential for this festival, with so many more yet to be decided. If you would like to sponsor an artist and help us bring their performance to the Outside In Festival, please visit our "Support Outside In" page!







Lubbock, TX

BurkTech Players is an ensemble of artists from Texas Tech's Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research and School of Theatre and Dance who provide a nurturing environment to encourage, extol, and extend collaboration through shared experiences of the performing arts with individuals on the autism spectrum.
Our cast, crew, and leadership are partially comprised of Burkhart students, both past and present, and are dedicated to giving the entire ensemble an amazing experience that encourages them to work collaboratively with others who might be different than them. We strive to give our players a safe space to be themselves and meet others who share their passions and interests.

Emmy-Nominated Performance Artists

Our approach of theatre centers around the physical expression of actors and using the emotional strength of images as storytelling devices. We are always searching for theatre forms that exceed language and the reality of ordinary life, in order to let the audience experience what is always lingering underneath this mundanity.All people, including actors, dancers and musicians, have a ton of stories, experiences, emotions, memories and reactions to the world around them, contained within them.

We are CHRONOS, a dance collective of four young dance artists.

Our work is known for the time-related and social themes that mark our performances. We look for a way to place a topic from the past, present or future into a current context that applies to society. Our work is physical, theatrical and poetic in which the body is our main instrument for expression. Our aim is to transmit a message, a concept that concerns and speaks to us as human beings. We are interested in unconventional relationships between audience and performers in order to challenge the spectator during a performance.


The inaugural Outside In Festival will take place in the lot between CASP's 5&J Gallery and their eight Work Studios



The Inaugural Outside In Festival will take place in the lot behind the Charles Adams Studio Project's 5&J Gallery.

408 Avenue J  Lubbock, TX  79401

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