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Over Het IJ | Amsterdam

Over het IJ presents adventurous art productions all year round, always in relation to urban themes and at exciting locations in Amsterdam. Over the IJ allows you to see the city with new eyes. Inspire, enrich and amaze yourself, get to know new places, people and their stories. For anyone who believes that art, connection and meeting create a better and more beautiful world.

Over het IJ is a topical location theater by new and established makers at high-profile indoor and outdoor locations at Amsterdam’s premier waterfront, on the banks of the IJ and at various locations deeper in Amsterdam-North. 

During the 2021 edition, the renewed (physical) togetherness was celebrated with makers and the public. Over het IJ challenges the makers to embrace the restrictions of our time and to use them in the search for new forms in order to create the intimacy, proximity, connections and meeting with the public that everyone so desires, without making any artistic concessions. The renewed relationship between the public and the makers was sought out and investigated at special locations around the NDSM shipyard and in Amsterdam North.

2021 also brought some additional changes. Over het IJ passionately believes in art that is not only about society, but is also at the heart of society. The city is the source of inspiration and the stage. The developments in the past year gave makers extra urgency to reflect on our society and the painful and vulnerable places within it. The need for change and to take (political) action on this is what many makers shared in the 2021 edition.

Over het oj performance marie .jpg
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